HOOD believes your neighborhood’s culture is an instrumental piece of your DNA and a part of what makes each of us who we are. HOOD is stickball games at the schoolyard, runs on the blacktop at dusk and mix tapes on the front stoop on a summer night – when every day had a new experience and energy. We find that the best stories come from the streets and that real style lies at the crossroads of yesterday and today. So we build our premium, handcrafted goods right here in our own backyard. 

We encourage you to tell the world your story one piece at a time and to NEVER LEAVE IT BEHIND.


My first 100% wool baseball cap was more than just a hat. It was my childhood: P.S. 29 in Staten Island, hot dogs at Shea Stadium, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded. It was a Montreal Expos cap – and I wasn’t even an Expos fan. I pledged my allegiance to the Mets, but their hats in the store that day weren’t real wool. You couldn’t see the hairs standing up and they didn’t have the texture and feel of that Expos cap. So I chose quality over significance that day much to my Grandpa Frank’s disappointment.

Decades later, I set out to buy another wool cap but came up short. I realized if I wanted the real thing, I’d have to build it. And that’s where our journey began. We sourced the finest wool available – 100% Merino Worsted Wool. This wool was destined to become a ball cap. The next step was finding a US factory that placed a premium on design and craftsmanship. Come to find out they were in New York City… a ferry ride away from my old stomping grounds… and HOOD was born.

No matter where you’re from, everybody’s got a little HOOD in them.